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Universal Financial Access 2020

In 2014, an estimated 2 billion adults lacked access to a transaction account (Global Findex 2014) and were excluded from the formal financial system. In response, the World Bank Group (WBG) with private and public sector partners set an ambitious target to achieve Universal Financial Access (UFA) by 2020. The UFA goal envisions that, by 2020, adults globally will be able to have access to a transaction account or electronic instrument to store money, send and receive payments. Financial access is the first step toward broader financial inclusion, where individuals and firms can safely use of a range of appropriate financial services, including savings, payments, credit and insurance.


% banked (2011)

% banked (2014)

% banked (2017)


Country opportunities are calculated by segmenting unbanked financially active adults who can be reached through specific interventions. Interventions cannot always be added up simply to create the country opportunity, as the three interventions may overlap. However, WBG analysis discounts these overlaps for the Total Opportunity for each country, thereby the Total Opportunity may be less than the summation of the 3 interventions alone. The World Bank Group’s projected reach is based on engagement activities linked to project targets, constraints of unbanked adults and attribution of financial inclusion strategies. Actual reported reach is used to update projections as that data become available. Please note that the opportunities are calculated with 2020 in mind as the end year, taking into account population growth based on UN predictions, and therefore may exceed the current number of unbanked. All indicators are calculated using raw data from the Global Findex database unless otherwise noted.